Kai-Uwe Behrmann



Senior Developer and domain specific Consultant with 13+ years experience, who is passionate about tooling great working software.


  • Software Developer
    C C++ QML Qt KDE OS X Linux Windows Android
  • Still and Movie Image Processing
    ICC Color-Management OpenGL GPU PDF TIFF FFMpeg Cairo
  • C++
    GCC clang VC++ OOP Templates Encapsulation Inheritance Scope-Management Overloading Polymorphism Exceptions Containers STL Introspection
  • Project
    Consultant Concept Mentor Developer Implementation Training Agile-Development Git Mercury CVS Open-Build-Server SuseStudio
  • Software Development Methods
    Code-Generation Audit-Lcov Travis Continuous-Integration Static-Code-Analysis-Coverity Valgrind XCode Open-Source Proprietary
  • Web-Developer


Consultant | Mentor, Selection of Print Color Correction with PDF

2009-03 — 2011-12 | vendor-neutral OpenPrinting cross-platform PDF OpenICC ICC color-management Open-Source collaborative-code-sprint

Make color managed printing customisable across systems for clients

Consultant, Linux Architecture for Print Color Correction with PDF

2009-03 — 2011-12 | Linux OpenICC ICC color-management CUPS Ghostscript PDF littleCMS

Accept user submitted print profiles in a platform independent way

Consultant | Representation | Mentor | Organisation | Programming, ICC Distribution

2007-01 — 2013-01 | OpenICC ICC color-management meta-data EDID specification online CSS Mongo DB CSS Open-Source collaborative-code-sprint

Automatic device profile assignment local and online

  • Discussion of concept with ICC, resulting in spec modifications
  • Specification for monitor meta data online and in use
  • Implementation for embedding of monitor meta data in monitor profiles
  • Online DB based on meta data is up and serves online by ICC Taxi DB
  • Local device profile search implementation in KolorManager|Oyranos
  • Search online profiles for local devices with KolorManager

Training, Color Management Presentation

2013-12 — 2013-12 | ICC color-management calibration training

Transfer in depth Knowledge about Color Management

  • Physological and Sience Basics
  • Color Devices
  • Profiling and Maintenance
  • Programing Color Management

Consultant | Concept | Maintainer | Developer | Mentor | collaborative Code Sprint Organisator | Programmer | Quality Engineer, Oyranos - Color Management System

2004-11 — Present | OpenICC ICC color-management C OOP introspection DAG graph-visualisation plugin-system code-generation agile-development git valgrind travis continuous-integration audit-lcov Cairo X11 EDID Linux Desktop daemon OS X Windows Qt FLTK C++ Cairo XCM SANE cameraRAW JPEG PNG Open-Source

Make it easy for applications to show colors the same in documents and on devices

  • Type: Open Source project with payed targets
  • Languages: C, C++, shell, Django, XML, JSON, ICC, cmake
  • Tools: gcc|clang|VC++, Grantlee, FLTK-Toolkit, Cairo drawing library
  • Code Techniques: agile development, git current version system, valgrind memory debugging, object oriented C, object introspection, processing graph visualisation, code-generation from Django templates, extensible plug-in system
  • Oyranos Live CD with SuseStudio
  • Hosted: https://github.com/oyranos-cms/oyranos/#oyranos-readme

Consultant | Concept | Maintainer | Mentor | collaborative Code Sprint Organisator | Programmer, KolorManager

2008-03 — Present | KDE Qt KWin OpenGL GPU C++ OpenICC ICC color-management Oyranos D-Bus agile-development review valgrind git collaborative-code-sprint Open-Source

Integrate Oyranos color management system into KDE desktop

  • collaborative project with KDE and OpenICC communities
  • Oyranos GUI in systemsettings
  • Instant ICC based color correction of KDE desktop
  • Hosted: initially @ Google Summer of Code 2008-2010, later @ www.kde.org

Consultant | Concept | Mentor | Coordinator | Maintainer | Programmer, CompICC

2009-03 — Present | OpenICC ICC color-management Oyranos XCM Compiz C OpenGL GLSL agile-development git valgrind Open-Source

Instant ICC based color correction of desktop monitors, communicate with clients over XCM

  • Code Techniques: agile development, git current version system, valgrind memory debugging, observe color server events (XCM)
  • collaborative project with Compiz and OpenICC communities
  • Hosted: initially @ Google Summer of Code 2009, later @ sf.net, now @ github

Developer, iQ-Camera-Check

2009-06 — 2013-02 | agile-development C++ C VC++ Windows FLTK Bazaar HDMI BlackMagic SDK FFmpeg OpenGL valgrind proprietary

Measure camera quality

  • Code Techniques: light formal-and agile-development within a team of engineers, developers, a designer and a mechanist
  • HDMI video processing

Main Author | Developer, ICC Examin

2004-01 — Present | agile-development C++ C VC++ Linux OS X Windows FLTK git OpenGL BSP valgrind XCM Open-Source

Visualise ICC data format contents

  • XCM client for CPU and GPU color corrections
  • Correct hidden transparency in OpenGL with BSP tree
  • Shows the internals of ICC profiles, like text, curves, 3D tables, color coordinates
  • Covers most of the ICC standard v2 and v4 tags
  • Visualise color space hull 3D
  • Produces a profile quality report; as table or 3D view
  • Accepts measurement data (CGATS); visible as plain text or in 3D
  • Creates and accepts argylls gamut visualisations; vrml
  • Understands video card gamma tables (Xorg|XFree86|osX)
  • Accepts ICC named color swatches (ncl2); shows as table or 3D

Main Author | Developer, OpenICC Taxi DB QML

2015-10 — 2016-06 | agile-development QML Qt C++ Linux OS X Android git Open-Source

Browser of ICC device profile data base

  • Client to JSON based API of online DB
  • Dynamic UI in QML
  • Modular QML components
  • C++ with QML integration
  • 2D graphics

Developer | Interator | Coordinator | Bug Owner | Tester | Release Manager, CinePaint

2004-01 — 2008-01 | OpenICC ICC color-management XCM Oyranos C Scheme C++ Linux OS X GTK CVS git valgrind XCode plugin-system TIFF PNG JPEG OpenEXR HDR DPX Effects Open-Source

Add features for photo and 360° panorama editing, exploring color management capabilities for Linux

  • ICC based color management for most file input, display and print output
  • ICC profile handling for JPEG, PNG, TIFF, OpenEXR, CameraRAW, PPM/PNM
  • Porting from Gtk1 to Gtk2 and to OS X
  • Add i18n support
  • Extend Tiff capabilities for HDR, layered images and printing
  • Add experimental Cmyk support
  • Add ICC Examin plugin
  • 16-bit CameraRAW to Print workflow
  • Add OpenRAW support for fast CamerRAW decoding
  • Add Gutenprint plugin
  • Tutorial for color managed Photo workflow
  • Early color binding XCM client, integrates with CompICC and KolorServer
  • Graphics tablet support
  • 30-bit display support
  • Hosted: @ gitlab

Developer, Hugin

2002-01 — 2004-01 | Panotools C C++ Linux Open-Source

Panorama GUI

Developer, Bugfixing across the Linux graphics stack

2002-01 — Present | FireFox Cairo lilbtiff libpng Little CMS SampleICC C C++ Linux Open-Source

Spot, locate and integrate a Fix

  • Adhere to desired and defined behaviour
  • Locate difficult to find threading bugs
  • Improve build systems
  • Communicate and discuss with the community
  • Provide programs to reproduce and test cases


Web-Developer | Panorama Photographer | Developer, Freelance

2002-04 — 2004-04

Consultant | Training | Concept | Maintainance | Developer | Mentoring | Programing | Quality Engineer | Support, Freelance

2003-11 — Present


Diplom, TU Dresden

1991-08 — 1997-05 | Architecture | Sculpture Engineering Design Graphics

Self Educated

2002-01 — Present | Information Technology | C++ Project-Maintenance Community-Interaction



(Native speaker)




Co-founder, OpenICC

2003-12 — Present

Developer Community

  • freedesktop.org collaboration place
  • Specification drafting and publishing
  • Brainstorming
  • Project incubator
  • Google Summer of Code organiser + mentor 2007-2012
  • Hackfest collaborative code sprint 2012 in Brno/CZ http://www.oyranos.org/tag/hackfest/
  • Desktop Color Management Integration for X11|Wayland|Compiz|KWin, Cairo, Qt|FLTK, PDF|CUPS, SANE, CameraRAW
  • freedesktop.org specifications
  • Meetings @ LGM 2008, 2011, 2012
  • DevRoom Track @ FOSDEM 2012 http://www.openicc.info/index.php?title=Events/Fosdem/2012

Developer, Create

2004-01 — Present

Developer and Creative Community

  • Talks
  • Presentations
  • OpenICC Meetings @ LGM 2008, 2011, 2012
  • Desktop Color Management Integration

Developer, Xorg

2005-01 — Present

Windowing System

  • Desktop Color Management Integration
  • X Color Management specification (XCM)
  • Liaison with OpenICC community

Developer, KDE

2007-01 — Present

Open Source Desktop Environment

  • Desktop Color Management Integration
  • KolorManager
  • KolorServer

Individual Member, ICC

2008-01 — Present

International Color Consortium

  • Work on specifications
  • Liaison with OpenICC community
  • Open Source | Linux integration


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